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Working In Python From A Chromebook

Several weeks ago someone posted on /r/python about programming in Python on a Chromebook. I've been doing precisely that for some time now and thought I'd put my thoughts into a more consumable form.

Steam Bot - Shopping better, with Python!

I spend a lot of time on Steam, and almost as much money. I also spend far too much time on Reddit, so to save myself some time and money I built a Reddit bot that will make reports on the best stuff on sale and post them! You can see how I did it after the jump.

Seattle Trip - Part Two

Part two of the long journey. I go from Oregon on down through California and then back East towards home!

Seattle Trip - Part One

I recently took a long road trip up to Seattle and back, I got to see Mt Rushmore, the Grand Tetons, the Golden Gate bridge, the Mojave desert, and the Grand Canyon all in one go! Here's pictures from the first half, from Northwest Arkansas to Eugene, OR!

Catbug Soundboard

I've made a quick and dirty Catbug soundboard! If you just want the soundboard click here, if you want to read about my process take the jump.